League Buy-In (2 Throwers)


Hey there, warriors! Are you ready to throw some axes?

The Target Axe Throwing League will run for 8 weeks on Sunday nights, between April 19th and June 7th. The lanes will be open for warming up at 6:30pm, and the competition will begin at 7:00pm sharp.

For seven weeks, you and your partner will face off against another axe-throwing pair. Each player will get at least 40 competitive throws each week, playing against each opponent twice. Your score will be tallied for each throw, and your group’s total score will be counted at the end of the night. On the eighth week, the highest-scoring team and individual will be announced, and we will have a potluck celebration!

All necessary equipment will be provided by Target Axe Throwing. All you need to do is show up on time, ready to play!

Sign up using the form below and we will contact you to let you know when to arrive on opening weekend.

Note: If less than 75% of slots fill up in a timely manner, we may delay the opening day. If we receive an overload of sign-ups, we will add a second afternoon league.

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*The Target Axe Throwing League will pit 8 teams of axe-throwing pairs against one another. Teams may only have two players, and they may be co-ed.

*A League season will run for 8 weeks. During each of the first 7 weeks both members of your team will play 4 matches against a different opposing team. On the 8th week, we will have a potluck event for the teams with free throwing and awards for the top team and top individual scorers.

*Leagues will meet Sunday every week, from 7:00pm-8:30pm (throwing times may go later, as necessary). Teams will be allowed to arrive up to 30 minutes early for warm ups. If we need to add another league due to volume, we will provide more information as needed.



*Participants will be required to sign the Target waivers the first night and get checked in at the start of each League night thereafter.

*Participants are required to wear closed-toe shoes in order to throw.

*Participants are required to throw using the axes provided by Target Axe Throwing.

*No alcohol is allowed on the premises. Intoxicated participants may be asked to leave.



Warm Ups

*Players are allowed to arrive up to 30 minutes before the start of the matches to warm up.

*If there is a line for warm ups, players will get five throws before being cycled to the back of the line.


Getting in Position

*After opponents and stations are announced, take your positions.

*Each team decides which player will throw first. Each player will play two matches against each member of the opposing team.

*Decide which lane the teams will throw in first. Disagreements may be solved by a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors between the two starting players.

*Targets must be sprayed with a spray bottle prior to the start of league play.

-If boards are continually hard, league members may request to have more water sprayed on their boards.

*Players may have 5 practice throws before the start of their first match of the night.

*Players may have 1 practice throw prior to the start of each following match.


Match Start

*Target Axe Throwing official will signal the beginning of play, promptly at 6pm. Please be sure to arrive on time.

*Continue with the following matches when ready.




Standard Match

*A standard match consists of 10 throws;

-Players make 5 throws, then switch lanes to proceed with their remaining 5 throws.

-This ensures fair play when there is varying density in wood.

*The player with the most points at the end of 10 throws is the winner.

-Mark the winner’s scoresheet as a win.

*In the event of a tie after 10 throws, there will be sudden death:

-ONLY Killshots are allowed during sudden death throws. (See SCORING for information on Killshots.)

-Players will remain in their respective lanes and will not need to switch lanes.

-Players must alternate between the two Killshots if multiple throws are necessary.

-If both players miss a Killshot during Sudden Death, a Target Axe Throwing official with use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the closet valid scoring area of the axe head to the closest edge of the Killshot. The player with the shortest distance will be awarded the match win.

-If Player 1 has an axe that has dropped, and Player 2 misses the Killshot but is on the board, Player 2 will be awarded the match win.

-Do not record tiebreaker throws on the scoresheet. Only the first ten throws in a match are added to the player’s total score.


Match Order

*After their first match is over, the two starting players play their second match.

*Once the starting players have played both of their matches, the remaining two players play both of their matches.

*After this, players play their remaining matches against the opponent they have not yet played.

-The players may determine who will play their third and fourth matches first. Disagreements may be solved by a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.


Match Ties

*If both teams have the same number of wins after all eight matches are completed, then the team with the highest total score that night will be declared the winner.

*If the teams are tied in both wins and score, they may play one last match to break the tie.

-Each team decides which player will participate in the tiebreaker match.



Point Values

*From the center outwards, the rings on the bullseye are worth: 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point.

*The blue dots in the upper corners of the target, called Killshots, are worth 8 points.


Killshot Throw

*Players must clearly declare that they are aiming for the Killshot before throwing, and it must be acknowledged by an opponent.

*Killshot Throws can only be called on the 5th and 10th  throws of each match.

*If a Killshot is hit on any throw other than the 5th and 10th, or if it is hit without first calling a Killshot Throw, it is not worth any extra points, only the marked value.

*If a Killshot Throw is declared, all other point values on the board are reduced to zero.

-This means that if a player calls a Killshot Throw, and they hit the bullseye of the target, it is worth zero points.


Score Ruling

*Scoring is determined by where the cutting edge of the axe breaks the wood of the target.

-Any part of the blade that does not make contact with the target does not count.

*If the blade of the axe is stuck inside two different scoring zones, the higher of the two values is what is counted.

-As long as the axe breaks the black line between two rings, it is counted as the higher of the two values.

*If there is a disagreement about axe placement, a Target Axe Throwing Official must be called to give a ruling.

-An Official’s ruling is final.



*If an axe sticks into the target and then falls out for any reason, it is worth zero points.

-If the axe falls out of the target before the thrower approaches and retrieves it, it is worth zero points.




Throwing Style

*Two kinds of throws are permitted during matches: two-handed overhead and one-handed overhead.

-If an axe is thrown underhanded, or from any other direction than over the head, it is worth zero points.

*The thrower and axe head must be facing the target during the throw. Throws made with either facing away from the target are not permitted.


Foot Placement

*When throwing, the player must have at least one foot between the two red lines inside the lane.

-Players may not cross the far red line, and must have at least one foot past the closer red line.

*Players are allowed to take a step when making their throw, as long as the foot does not cross the far red line before releasing.

*If a player crosses the red line before releasing the axe, the throw is worth zero points.





*Players are asked to arrive on time or up to 30 minutes early to Target Axe Throwing.

*Target Axe Throwing will allow lateness up to 30 minutes after the official league start time.

-If the opposing team is 30 minutes late, they will be marked absent and your team may take an automatic win. Your team will proceed to do your 40 throws and record your scores.

*If a player or team must leave early and is unable to finish their matches, they will be marked absent. Missed matches will be counted as an automatic loss, unless arrangements are made. (See Absence.)



*If a player or team is absent from a league night, and they give at least 24 hours notice, they may make up for their missed throws before or within 2 weeks of the missed night.

-Missed matches that are not made up within the allotted time frame will count as zeroes concerning the player and team’s seasonal score.

*All make-up matches must be completed prior to the end of week seven, as there will be no further weeks to match up make up missed matches. Players who miss week seven and are unable to make up for unplayed matches will take a zero for their scores.

*No missed matches and throws are to be performed during week 8.


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